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Introducing Natural Whey Wood Stain: Enhance the Beauty of Your Wood Surfaces, Naturally!

Transform your wooden furniture, floors, and decor with the exquisite Natural Whey Wood Stain. Crafted with a blend of nature's finest ingredients, this exceptional wood stain provides a rich, lustrous finish while maintaining the integrity and beauty of the wood.

Key Features:

  1. Natural and Sustainable: Our Natural Whey Wood Stain is derived from the goodness of whey protein, a natural byproduct of milk. It is thoughtfully formulated without harsh chemicals, solvents, or synthetic dyes, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice for both indoor and outdoor wood surfaces.

  2. Enhances the Wood's Natural Beauty: Unlike conventional wood stains, our Natural Whey Wood Stain allows the natural grain and character of the wood to shine through. It effortlessly enhances the wood's beauty, adding depth, richness, and warmth to your furniture and surfaces.

  3. Easy to Apply and Long-Lasting: Achieving professional-quality results has never been easier. Our Natural Whey Wood Stain glides smoothly onto the wood, providing excellent coverage and a consistent finish. With its durable and long-lasting formula, your wood surfaces will maintain their vibrant appearance for years to come.

  4. Variety of Stunning Shades: We offer a wide range of captivating shades to suit your style and preference. From warm and classic tones to contemporary and bold hues, our Natural Whey Wood Stain allows you to customize and revitalize your wood surfaces, giving them a fresh and rejuvenated look.

  5. Safe for Indoor Use: Whether you're staining furniture, cabinetry, or wooden accents indoors, our Natural Whey Wood Stain is completely safe and odor-free. You can confidently enjoy your newly stained wood surfaces without worrying about harmful fumes or toxins.

Elevate the elegance and charm of your wooden surfaces with Natural Whey Wood Stain. Experience the beauty of nature while preserving and protecting your cherished wood belongings.


    • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of any grease, glue or other contaminants prior to staining.
    • For previously stained wood, sand surface lightly to help adhesion.
    • Remove dust with a lightly dampened cloth. To ensure beautiful, uniform color, pre-treat wood with our Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner


    1. Stir well prior to use.
    2. Always test the finish on a sample piece of wood to confirm the desired appearance.
    3. Using a brush, pad or clean cloth, apply thin, even coats in the direction of the grain, taking care to avoid puddling. Overlap strokes, always maintaining a wet edge. If desired, wipe off excess material within five minutes.
    4. Finish will be dry and ready to re-coat in two hours.
    5. If a deeper tone is desired, apply additional coats. For best results, apply in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity 40%-60%. Low temperature and high humidity may lengthen dry time. For optimum protection and beauty, topcoat with our Finish Coat or Hemp Seed Oil
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