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Beeswax Food Wraps

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The Waste Less Shop's beeswax food wraps are an environmentally friendly, plastic-free, zero-waste staple for your daily food storage routine.
Made Of:

Organic cotton, FDA certified beeswax, food grade jojoba oil, and tree resin.

Place wrap around item, use warmth from hands to soften wrap and create a seal. To reuse, wash in cool water with mild dish soap. Air dry and reuse up to a year.

Small: 7” x 8”
Wrap half of a lemon, the end of a cucumber, half of an onion , half of an avocado, a small bowl, carrot sticks or other snack items.
Medium: 10” x 11"
Cover a bowl, half of a sandwich, baked good, cheese, or half of a cabbage or cantaloupe. 
Large: 13” x 14”
Cover a large bowl, pie dish, celery, cheese, sandwich, or half of a watermelon.
This product will replace plastic wrap and ziploc bags for food items you need to store.
Recycled kraft paper box
Please compost wraps after a year of use and recycle paper packaging.