Rove Farm & Homestead


Rove Farm is a unique and dynamic homestead that combines a fiber farm raising Valais Blacknose sheep with a 1700's stagecoach inn and tavern, and a food truck. The farm is located in the scenic rural Adirondack Park, and is run by our family. We are passionate about sustainable and ethical farming practices.

The Valais Blacknose sheep are the centerpiece of our farm and are known for their distinctive black faces and curly wool. Our family carefully tends to the flock, providing them with ample grazing land and clean water, we shearing them twice annually to produce high-quality wool. The wool is then processed and sent to local artisans to create beautiful yarns and textiles.

In addition to the sheep, our homestead includes a 1700's stagecoach inn and tavern that is we are carefully restoring to its original beauty. The building features historic details such as exposed beams, wide-plank floors, and a large fireplace. The inn and tavern are used for events and gatherings, farm-to-table dinners, workshops, and community events.

Our homestead also includes a vegetable garden, family milk cow, and small livestock, such as chickens, Sebastopol Geese, and in the future, pigs. Our family is committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices, we use natural fertilizers, avoiding pesticides and herbicides, and practice rotational grazing to maintain healthy soil.

Adding to the vibrant atmosphere of our homestead, Rove Farm operates a food truck, Rove Cafe & Kitchen, that serves up delicious and creative cuisine made from locally-sourced ingredients. Our menu features items such as our "Valais Blacknose Burger," which features a juicy beef patty topped with blacknose sheep cheese and caramelized onions, and the "Shepherd's Pie Tacos," which combine traditional flavors with a modern twist.

Rove Farm is a welcoming and inclusive community that offers visitors the opportunity to experience the joys of farm life, enjoy delicious food, and learn about the history of the region. Our family is passionate about sharing our knowledge and experiences with others and offer tours of the farm, inn, and food truck throughout the year.

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