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Farmhouse Doodles


Let's Get Started

1) In order to adopt a Saint Berdoodle or Sheepadoodle  puppy from Farmhouse Doodles, we ask that you fill out the brief application below.

2) After you submit your application information, we'll review your application and if approved... we'll then ask that you place a $500 deposit. This deposit allows you the opportunity to reserve a puppy from any current or upcoming Saint Berdoodle or Sheepadoodle litter with available open spots. Please know that your deposit is always refundable up to the point where you actually choose a specific puppy. Puppies range from $2,000-$2,500 depending on gender and coloring.

Our Approval Guidelines

- You must have a fenced yard, or be able to explain how you will exercise and contain your Farmhouse Doodle on your property.

- Your lifestyle and living environment must be conducive to owning a dog. 

- Most important, you must love, love, love your  Farmhouse Doodle dog!


Please begin by completing the application below.