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5 Gallon Pails Now Available on STAIN!
Black Coffee Stain
Black Coffee Stain
Black Coffee Stain
Black Coffee Stain Black Coffee Stain

Black Coffee Stain

$32.00 USD



All-natural odorless, stain and finish in one! For normal indoor application there is no need to add a topcoat! 

Old Barn Living One-Step-Stain is available in the following sizes:

 Pints cover approximately 80 sqft. 

Quart coves approximately 

1 Gallon covers approximately 600 sqft. 

Fives covers approximately 3,00 soft.


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1. Mix thoroughly: Stir from the bottom up to reincorporate solids that may have settled. DO NOT SHAKE.

2. Using a fine bristled brush, foam brush, lint-free cloth, or staining pad, apply in a thin even coat; working in one direction of the grain stretch out the finish as thin as possible.

3. Remove any pooling products in carved or detailed areas. 

4. Allow One-Step-Stain to dry for 2hrs between coats. *After every other coat, lightly sand with 220+ grit sandpaper or 00+ steel wool. Remove sanding dust before applying next coat. Always sand with the grain of the wood.

5. Your final coat should be gently sanded with brown craft paper or 0000 gauge steel wool.