Oct 2-3 Menu

Oct 2-3 Menu

So fall is beautiful here in the Adirondacks, I've been hiking up the trail by our cottage to document fall's arrival here in Essex. It is stunning! 

With the cooler temps, we will be serving our last weekend in the Food Truck on Oct 9-10. As always we are at The Hub on the Hill from 8-1 both Saturday's and Sunday's. 

October 9th we will be serving at Ausable Brewery from 4-8, serving something cozy and delicious! 


This weekends menu: 

Bea's Benedict

Turkey Avocado Benedict

Santa Fe Benedict

Mixed Berry French Toast

French Toast


Thank you to everyone who has visited us this season, it's been incredible to meet so many of our new neighbors and share our love of good food with you! 



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