Brunch + a special treat at Ausable Brewery; our menu for August 28-29

Brunch + a special treat at Ausable Brewery; our menu for August 28-29






This weekend we have an amazing menu for you! So many have asked for Blintzes, and I finally convinced Toni to get on it! For Saturday and Sunday Brunch we will be at the Hub on the Hill  from 8-1.

When we're done with brunch on Saturday we will pack up our little trailer and head over to Ausable Brewery to serve dinner from 4-8pm. Stay tuned as we put the menu for dinner together, we're thinking Fajitas!! Veggie + Black Bean, Chicken, Steak, and even Shrimp Fajitas! YUM!!!!! This will be our first time at the brewery and we are really excited to share our dinner recipes with you.

Check out our schedule below and our menus for this weekend! We hope to see you for brunch and dinner! 


 Saturday 8/28  Hub on the Hill  from 8-1
Saturday 8/28 Ausable Brewery from 4-8 
Sunday 8/29 Hub on the Hill from 8-1




A special thanks to our local farms, Essex Farm, Tangleroot Farm, Juniper Hill Farm, and Hidden Acres Dairy for the amazing farm fresh produce, meat, and dairy that allows us to serve food we feel good about! 

***Due to availability, economics, and to ensure we are able to continue our passion, not every item on our menu can come from local farms. When we aren't able to source ingredients locally, or they are not economical, we make sure that we supplement with only the highest quality ingredients possible. We are always happy to share with you where ingredients are sourced as full transparency, high quality ingredients and freshness are our ethos. 


Chrystal + Toni


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