Boho Farmhouse Staging and Decor

Boho Farmhouse Staging and Decor
  1.      It's been a while since I've blogged, a lot has been happening around here! I absolutely feel so blessed and honored that this Old Barn Milk Paint is here for another year! You guys have been so supportive and sweet liking and sharing us and because of all your support we are growing! It is beyond what I could have imagined! 

     As we grow and more people turn to OBMP for Milk Paint I've noticed a new vibe that speaks true to my soul. I am so surprised that the boho in me has come through in Old Barn Milk Paint . You'll notice that we've been nudging toward that natural, boho farmhouse style and I couldn't be more pleased! I have always adored and been drawn to Boho Farmhouse in my personal style, whether it's clothes, hair, decor, jewelry, literally anything!  Just give me all the Boho and all the Farmhouse!! 

     While I dream of being able to decorate my own home again, I thoroughly enjoy seeing all the amazing work done by some of our awesome brand reps! This green dresser painted in Moss by Jen at Fin+Bo  is so perfect!! I love seeing our colors pop and create bold, stunning, statement pieces! The staging for this is also spot on, simple and complimenting the style of the piece allowing it to be the focal point! 

     I love pops of color, I can imagine this lingerie chest painted in Petal in a bright shiplapped room with a beautiful Turkish rug, the ladder and woven baskets on the wall with the cute little plant are the perfect decor motif. Do you see our little linen bag used as a plant cover?! LOVE it! It makes my heart sing to see our bags reused in such a creative way! Kristie at Lee Marie Antiqued Furniture has so much decor and design inspiration going on on her IG feed, I just fly to Canada to meet her! 

     Probably one of our first and most distinctive boho pieces was this washstand painted in Farmstead by Jen. She really has a knack for capturing the bliss of each piece and not overwhelming it with decor pieces. I love how her staging enhances the pieces she does. Look how the wood grain shows through the painted finish here! I see this a lot with tiger oak and pieces with a heavier wood grain, Since Milk Paint absorbs into the finish it's not like applying a thick coat of paint that takes away every ounce of character and charm, instead Milk Paint just enhances the beauty and looks like it's been there for years! 

     Our Oil Wax Finish really brought out the wood grain on this beauty! Jen painted the frame in Silhouette which adds the perfect natural touch to take this one from beauty to stunner! The staging again perfectly compliments without distracting from the main attraction. It can sometimes be hard to stage furniture, but Jen seems to come by in naturally!  The shiplap wall and baskets offer a comforting boho feel! 

     Oh my word! My little boho heart sang when we were tagged on this piece! I mean seriously?!! I love the staging, and love the piece which is a shocker because I swore I would never like MCM. Kristie used Farmstead to completely transform this one and I didn't even recognize that it was Mid Century Modern at first! The baskets, fiddle leaf fig, and the guitar OH MY!!!! My daddy had several guitars when I was growing up. He is such a talented musician, he was even asked to join  Heart before they became a hit (truly a missed opportunity there). This pic makes me so happy, I love how all the tones compliment one another, the wood grains and hues tie in with the color of the baskets and the texture there is offering all the happy feels! 

     Ok, lastly, one of my favorite colors, Pistol Annie. Jen had such a hard time with this buffet, she had first painted it white and knew that it just wasn't quite right... it was probably lovely, but when she painted Pistol Annie over it and revealed this beauty we can see that this is exactly what this piece wanted! Look how happy the photo is! Still simple staging, nothing overpowering the piece, just subtle and complimentary! I absolutely adore this one! Pistol Annie is such a fun color to use, it's neutral and still has enough color and character make a statement! I love it with pops of white like this, stay tuned for my currently project for my youngest son, Viktor, a Pistol Annie dresser with the most adorable knobs from Anthropologie! 

Speaking of... I need to get back to painting! Thank you so much for reading and sharing our journey friends!

Happy Painting


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