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Painted Buffet for Pottery Barn Popup

Painted Buffet for Pottery Barn Popup

     I've been so excited to share this project with you! It turned out to be one of my absolute favorite pieces! As some of you know, I did a pop-up at Pottery Barn in December, and was invited back for their Joy of Organizing event just a few weeks ago.  For each of the events I painted a buffet, with intentions to blog about the process. I was so rushed to get everything together for the first event, I didn't have time to take pictures or write. The buffet I painted for that was such a hit and had so much interest at Pottery Barn! I was so surprised that so many PB customers loved the look I brought in! I didn't think chippy was that popular there! 

     For the latest pop-up, I wanted a black buffet, I was looking for a plain Mahogany or a French Provincial buffet, which I found, but Mackenzie offered me  a gorgeous antique buffet to paint that they had in the shop. The style of this buffet is literally one of my dream pieces, I love all the beautiful details and have always missed out on them when I've seen them in the local groups, on craigslist, and in shops. They are often super pricey too and I won't pay a lot for my pieces. When Toni and I went to the shop to pick it up, I was so surprised at how beautiful it was! You can see in the photos that the tops was badly damaged, but I love pieces like this that need some extra love. It's really my favorite because Toni gets involved and we work together to bring them back to working and beautiful condition. 

     As you can see the top was in desperate condition. I clearly needed to remove that sad veneer. I like to soak veneer with wet towels overnight to moisten the glue beneath it. Usually it is already peeling up on it's own by the next day, and you can easily rip it off. Sometimes, it is more stubborn and you need to use a heat gun and some elbow grease to GENTLY remove it. I say gently because you do not want to gouge the wood beneath. This is the surface you want to save! 

     Toni and I worked on this one together. It was stubborn. Then we sanded the top beneath and I applied our One-Step Stain in Black Coffee. I allowed the first coat to dry and then added two additional coats of Saddle Brown, and finished with a final coat of Black Coffee again. I LOVE layering stains and the top on this buffet is stunning! 

     I used our wax puck on the edges to prevent the Milk Paint from adhere here. I applied two coats of Silhouette and wet distressed, which I've never done. I am pretty sure I will always do this from now on! I got such a smooth finish, and the chipped paint is smooth too! When you run your hand across the paint, you cannot feel where the paint chipped off it's literally the best technique I've ever used! This piece did not chip a lot, so I did wet distress to reveal more of the wood beneath. I did not want this buffet to appear heavy and weighed down, that's what I dislike most about dark antique furniture. I usually use brighter neutrals when painting for this very reason! That being said, this is for sure one of my faves. I just love it and I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone! 


     Our pop-up event went really well, I just love the girls at PB and their customers are the best! I have a ton of projects I need to get to this week! Check out my story on Instagram @oldbarnmilkpaint I share first looks and lots of fun behind the scenes you won't see anywhere else! 

XO Chrystal